Sunday, 17 November 2013


  Indonesian Traditional Music Instrument, issued on March 9, 2013

1/33 Gambus, Riau Province, stringed instrument such as mandolin actually came from Arabia. Gambus music is also enriched with poetic Malay and India in addition to bringing folk songs with various variations.

2/33 Serune Kalee, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Serune Kalee paired with Geundrang and Rapai. These instruments are the indigenous musical instrument heritage and culture since the heyday of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam until now.

3/33 Fu, Maluku Province, this blow instrument made of sea-shells or sea slugs. Sea shells or ordinary local people call it "bia shell".

4/33 Celempung, West Java Province, a musical instrument made of bamboo by using wave resonance in the segment of bamboo. The resulting sound like a drum, the player can produce the sound by regulating the size of the air coming out of the bungbung (body) of celempung.

5/33 Cengceng, Bali Province, this instrument is a type of cymbal called  Cengceng, made of jackfruit wood and cooper , consist of six (6) pieces of round metal bottom and two (2) round metal on top.

6/33 Kollatung, West Kalimantan Province, is a percussion instrument made of brass. Its a multifunctional instrument either as a dowry, as a symbol of the spirit of the holder as well as a marriage payment in customary law.

7/33 Calong, West Sulawesi Province, the percussion instrument is made from coconuts and bamboo. Typically this instrument is played solo, but in its development progress can be played mass.

8/33 Tambua, West Sumatra Province, made from pieces of hollowed logs. This instrument is usually used to symbolize joy and commonly used in wedding ceremonies, welcoming special guests.

9/33 Siter, Central Java Province, is a stringed musical instrument in the javanese gamelan. Siter has 11-13 pairs of strings.

10/33 Tifa, Papua Province, looks like a drum, made of a timber which core removed. On one side covered usually by deer skin that has been dried to produce a good sound. Tifa is usually played to accompany traditional dances, war dances and special occasions.

11/33 Palopalo, Gorontalo Province, is a musical instrument made of bamboo as basic material, its shape resembles a tuning fork and technique to play with a banged to knee.